Delivering operational excellence


Transforming Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management operations to deliver operational excellence

Due Diligence

The due diligence process is the first step in most corporate real estate and facilities management change programs and establishes the baseline on which all future strategies can be measured. Our due diligence will typically include:

  • Portfolio and space data
  • Financial/expenditure data
  • Supply chain data
  • Service data
  • Asset data
  • Resource data
  • Project related data
  • Sustainability data
  • Performance data

PACS use our integrated web-based tools to perform due diligence. Our tools have embedded processes that provide the functionality to collect, analyse and disseminate data for all aspects of corporate real estate and facilities management services, providing advanced analytics to establish an accurate baseline.

Strategy Development

Establishing a coherent strategy is key to the success of any organisation. The strategy aligns the organisation with the business goals and objectives and provides a focus for the team to develop operational plans. Our techniques for helping clients to develop a strategy include:

  • Business drivers
  • Mission and critical success factors workshop
  • Customer set or asset class
  • Current state analysis
  • Organisational maturity assessment
  • Option analysis
  • Initial business case for change

The strategy will define the target operating model and help establish organisation priorities.

Strategic Sourcing

The majority of CRE and FM organisations depend on the extended enterprise within the supply chain to deliver a significant % of their capability. Developing a robust sourcing strategy that retains sufficient competitive tension while encouraging collaboration is critical to success. Our strategic sourcing process includes;

  • Market research
  • Collaborator profile and deal principles
  • Approach to market and bid preparation
  • RFI/RFP process
  • Bid evaluation
  • Present recommendations

The strategic sourcing solution will integrate seamlessly in the target operating model and focus on delivering genuine value over the full term of the relationship.

Change Management

Change is a constant for most CRE and FM organisations continually striving to achieve operational excellence. PACS understand the importance of change projects and the need to provide appropriate resources with the skills, knowledge and personality to make it happen.  Our key change management services include;

  • Contract negotiations
  • Mobilise new suppliers
  • Organisation change
  • New operating procedures and processes
  • Benefit realisation and tracking
  • Performance management

Our priority is to work with the client to introduce change to deliver the new “Norm” whilst ensuring effective stakeholder engagement to increase buy in and drive appropriate behaviour to ensure change is sustainable.

Perfomance Management (Transformation)

Delivering transformation is an on-going journey for most CRE and FM organisations. PACS support our clients on this journey by developing best practice operational processes to build high performance organisations. This includes;

  • Customer relationship management
  • Service management
  • Financial management
  • Organisational development
  • Supplier performance management
  • Quality assurance and compliance
  • Competency assessments
  • Benchmarking

The focus of our transformation projects is to deliver genuine step change beyond the normal continuous improvement cycle.

Project Governance – “PMO” Role

Project governance is the management framework within which project decisions are made. The framework needs to be logical, robust and repeatable to ensure the project team have clear operating practices. This will provide a structured approach to implementing the business change process and increase the speed of deployment. Global projects usually have a matrix style governance structure to ensure all stakeholders are represented. Steering groups would normally be established at both the global and regional/country Level.  The typical role of the program management office is:

  • Maintain the master project plan to ensure project is on track
  • Provide subject matter expertise to advise team with project
  • Facilitate face to face meetings
  • Maintain a project team directory
  • Represent project team in steering group meetings
  • Advise steering group and team leaders on matters relating to the project
  • Work with sourcing team to manage supplier engagement, communications, exchanging of information, meetings, site visits, etc
  • Manage virtual data room (VDR) ensuring all documentation is accessible to those that need it
  • Work with team leaders to assist with development of project plans for each function/geographic market
  • Manage, meeting/call frequency, agenda’s and action schedules for steering group meetings and project team meetings
  • Coach all parties to support, take ownership and challenge where necessary
  • Agree data collection/data maintenance process with each work stream leader (if required)
  • Maintain the master RAID (risks, assumptions, issues and decisions) register and identify mitigation action required to address areas of exposure